Head Witches Endora and
Ezmerelda were Very Angry.
Very Angry Indeed!! Nightmare
needed to be taught a lesson,
this they agreed.
Head Witch Ezmerelda  
Cast a spell on Nightmare,
turning her into...
They used Bat wing and
eye of newt, cooked in a
Cauldron with a dash of
lime green frog to boot.
Turning Nightmare
into a Cat!!!
With the naughty pony put in her
place Head Witch Ezmerelda and
Summer Spook were back to the
party post haste!
The Tricks and Treats went on throughout the night, many unsuspecting people
were given quite a fright! Lots of Candy, Cheers and some Cider Brew was given to
the Evil little Witching Crew.
So many treats were eaten,
the Witches began to swell.
Poor little Witch Broomhelda
ended up with a stomach ache
from hell.
So much so that she ended up
hitching a ride from Spooky
Summer and her Evil Genie
What happened to
Nightmare, you may
wonder, The Evil Fairy
Pony turned Cat?
She stayed that way until
morning, and returned to
normal after that.