Halloween 2007
We at Silver Fox Sport Horses take Halloween very seriously.  It is our
pleasure to share with you the sinister tale of  this year's spooky
Our tale begins at Witch headquarters.
 Here our evil crew assembles their
necessary tools for scaring the
Last minute spells are cast...                   Evil Fairy Ponies are ready for flight...
Nightmare posed for pictures and went door to door. The whole time
counting with her tiny little hooves the candy she would Score...
Nightmare couldn't keep a
secret, Evil Fairy Ponies rarely
can. Nightmare told Witch
Here we Witches go,with Evil Fairy Ponies in tow, off into the night!!
The Head Witches had planned the
night out perfectly. A Creepy time of
Scaring and Candy, what fun it
would be!
Nightmare, the Evil Fairy Pony
had plans of her own. She
planned to Trick the Witches,
take all the Candy and fly Home.
Who Told the Evil Genie, Who
told Summer Spook.. .
Who Told Devil Dust, Who told
Little Witch Broomhelda.. She
finally told the Head Witches
about Nightmare's Tricky Plan...
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